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Sea Light Life is an independent studio creating wellbeing resources for children, everywhere.  Inspired by nature, infused with the ancient arts, our creations nourish you and your child's inner wisdom and path of wellbeing.

Our Shoots...

Connecting with our breath...connecting with nature

Our Roots...

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Our work is rooted in the ancient arts of qigong, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. When practicing these healing arts with intention, we are nurturing our heart and taking care of our wellbeing. We deepen our appreciation for the nature within us and around us.

Our Vision...

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We are on a journey to create resources that nourish and support the wellbeing of children, everywhere. Guided by Mother Nature's blessings and our love for the ancient arts; we believe all children everywhere on our beautiful planet, can learn practices that cultivate present moment awareness and nurture an inner-connection with nature.


Dana is the Sanskrit and Pali word for giving. Practiced as the virtue of generosity, dana is giving with pure intention and transcends to qualities such as time, kindness or patience. We weave the practice of dana through our work; we share with a focus on community, with an invitation and intention to contribute to a positive generation for wellbeing. Where we do have conventional profits, we donate a percentage to projects that are helping our communities and our planet.

Dana -Cultivating Generosity

Meet the Creators


Neelam River

Pamila Shanti



Neelam and Pamila share a life-long passion for the ancient arts, nature and fostering wellbeing. They share a vision to create  beautiful resources for children all over our wonderful planet that help nurture wellbeing and connection with nature.

About us


Pamila Shanti

CO-FOUNDER | Teacher 

Pam’s love for mindful movement really began over fifteen years ago when she first discovered yoga. This movement combined with introspection and breath began a learning journey that continues to this day. Her love for nature infuses with her passion for sharing these life-long tools for wellbeing with children. She believes children everywhere can learn the tools to  deepen their connection to the nature within and around them.

Pam is a qualified teacher in Yoga, Yoga for Children, Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Qigong.  Pam has also  trained in Internal Martial Arts, Mindful Self-Compassion and Spiritual Coaching.  


Neelam River

CO-FOUNDER | Teacher 

Discovering yoga over  fifteen years ago has brought a continual journey of inner-learning and wisdom to  Neelam. Her joy for mindful movement deepened since she discovered qigong and the way the practice fosters wellbeing . Neelam is passionate about how we can benefit from the healing power of nature . She believes that all children all of over the world can learn how to care for their wellbeing and deepen their connection with our planet .


Neelam is  a Psychologist and qualified Yoga for Children teacher and has had years of learning and practice in the ancient arts of yoga, mindfulness, qigong and meditation. 

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