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mindful movement for wellbeing

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mindful movement
for wellbeing

Nature Flow Series

Written & illustrated by Pamila Shanti & Neelam River
Purple Dragonfly Winner Seal Trans_edite

2023 Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Children’s Book Awards
Children's Non-Fiction category -  Honourable Mention Award Winner 

2023 International Page Turner Book Award
Best Illustrated Book category - Finalist

Infused with beautiful artwork and poetry, Nature Flow takes you on a journey of mindful movement through nature. Designed for children of all ages, parents, and whole school communities around the world.

Inspired by

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“An amazing book, perfect for children and adults of all ages. Uplifting and powerful and ideal in our chaotic world.”

Love Reading 4 Kids | Education Store

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Mindful Nature Poster Kids


Mindful resources

for home and the classroom

Wellbeing in the moment

Practice anywhere, anytime. One mindful breath is enough to begin watering the seeds of wellness in our heart. A few minutes of one mindful movement each day can help transform and settle our energy for wellbeing. Our intention is that these mindful practices infuse your inner wisdom; helping you and the children in your care to feel balanced and at ease through each and every day. 

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We're on a mission to bring you the perfect training that equips you to use mindful movement in your classroom

Mindful movement
in the classroom 

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We can help you to refresh and recharge the energy of your class; whether it is for calm, focus or vibrancy, through the power of mindful movement in the moment; equipping the children in your care with self regulation skills for life. 

The practices featured within the tools and resources created by Sea Light originate from the ancient arts that strengthen the connection between breath, body and mind.

The way we move can affect the way we feel. By mindfully caring for our emotional energy, we can be our best selves on the path to living in balance and harmony with each other and our planet.

Connecting with our breath, connecting with nature.


for wellbeing

We're all about bringing the joy of mindful movement to our communities and everyday life. Join us in educating children to learn life-long tools for wellbeing.


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Mindful Wellbeing

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