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Nature Flow

Hello, wonderful educators, parents & nannies!
Picture this...a world where our little ones learn to refresh their minds, recharge their energy, and care for their body and mind through the magic of nature-inspired mindful wellbeing practices...


mindful movement
for wellbeing

Award-winning Nature Flow (Book 1)
Written & illustrated by
Pamila Shanti & Neelam River
Purple Dragonfly Winner Seal Trans_edite

Nature Flow Book 1 is proud recipient of the
2023 Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Children’s Book Awards in the Children's Non-Fiction category (Honourable Mention Award Winner) &
2023 International Page Turner Book Awards in the Best Illustrated Book category (Finalist)

Introducing award-winning Nature Flow, a delightful book crafted just for young children 3 and up. In this book, we've woven together simple and fun wellbeing practices, blending mindful movement, poetry & breath practices that connect kids hearts deeply with the nature within them and around them.

inspired by...

Poster 4 - Separating Clouds-copy 4_edited.jpg

qigong, yoga,

mindfulness & nature

“An amazing book, perfect for children and adults of all ages. Uplifting and powerful and ideal in our chaotic world.”

Love Reading 4 Kids | Education Store

Mindful Nature Poster Kids


Mindful resources

for home and the classroom

how this supports children's wellbeing

mindful wellbeing tools help us to care for ourselves from within... 
Empower children with lifelong wellbeing habits. Cultivate their mind-body connection through simple, nurturing mindful nature-filled practices.

the educators' wellbeing toolkit


On it's way

Interested in piloting this?
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Grow your confidence to start integrating mindful movement into your classroom, day-plan and child's wellbeing toolkit.

Mindful resources are not only to read; it's a lifestyle. Wellbeing practices can seamlessly blend into daily classroom structures and equip children with tools that manage their social-emotional regulation and wellbeing. Teachers can learn simple mindful wellbeing tools (without the need for a mat) that nurture children with nature-based wellbeing practices that will serve them a lifetime.

Mindful movement
in the classroom 

invite us to your school for mindful movement sessions | author visits | teacher training

is a creative, wellbeing-led vision by sisters

Pamila Shanti & Neelam River.

For children everywhere

to learn simple tools

and practices that develop their mind-body connection, emotional regulation and breath awareness through mindful movement, qigong, yoga, mindfulness and nature-connectedness.

Sea Light

for wellbeing

We're all about bringing the joy of mindful movement to our communities and everyday life. Join us in educating children to learn life-long tools for wellbeing.


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Mindful Wellbeing

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