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Sea Light

Inspiring mindful                           wellbeing...

Sea Light

is an independent studio creating 

inspiring mindful wellbeing resources for children, parents, educators and whole communities to learn practices that are beneficial to supporting overall wellbeing.
Inspired by the ancient arts of mindfulness, qigong and yoga,
co-founders Pamila & Neelam bring their first book, Nature Flow,
to share mindful movement practices that foster wellbeing and connection to nature.
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Discover Nature Flow

Nature Flow is a resource for children, parents and educators to learn mindfulness through movement, intention and awareness. Nature Flow encourages you to connect with the nature within you and around you through simple, easy-to-do mindfulness practices.
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We were thrilled to be a part of the 2022 Happy Place Festival and had the joy of meeting kids, parents, families, educators and all those curious to come and discover our work. If you were there, you'll have experienced our mindful movement classes, mindful nature craft and mindful nature poetry. You may even have enjoyed some of our mindfulness activities that we had going on through the day... See our instagram ( to see what we captured from the days...and feel free to follow us and connect.
[Check out our free resources - we will sharing our mindfulness activity sheets (as seen at the Happy Place Festival) on our website soon.]

Sea Light @ Happy Place Festival 2022

Coming soon...!
Mindfulness for Learning Podcast with Sophie Smith-Tong

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Sophie and share the joys of wellbeing practices, nature, mindful movement and mindfulness practices and how these can be incorporated into the classroom. Sophie is the founder of Mindfulness for Learning - a wellbeing centre for educators and families.

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Nature Flow on the Mindfulness for Learning Bookshelf 

We are delighted that Nature Flow features on the Mindfulness For Learning Bookshelf as a recommended resource for educators and families.

Thank you for your feedback!

"Nature flow is a beautiful book in every way from the beautiful illustrations to how it is written with messages of calm, love and kindness and activities..all linked to nature and these messages. I have used this book with the children I work with and all have really enjoyed it and benefited from it."

Customer - Nature Flow Book 1 

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