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Our Roots

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our work is rooted in the ancient arts and nature to bring wellbeing tools that strengthen our mind-body connection, breath-awareness, mindful movement and nature well as nurturing our heart-qualities like kindness, compassion and gratitude.

For children everywhere

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We believe wellbeing tools are for everyone and that children everywhere can develop healthy-habits that support their physical and mental wellbeing

Meet co-creators Pamila & Neelam

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Pamila Shanti

Neelam River

CO-FOUNDER | Educator

CO-FOUNDER | Educator

Neelam and Pamila share a life-long passion for the ancient arts, nature and fostering wellbeing. They share a vision to create  beautiful resources for children all over our wonderful planet that help nurture wellbeing and connection with nature.

Pamila’s journey with mindful movement started nearly two decades ago with a yoga class. What began as a curious pursuit became a lifelong passion. Yoga, mindfulness, qigong and meditation have become her compass, guiding her toward inner-balance and calm.

Pamila truly believes in the power of these wellbeing tools to support overall balance and wellbeing and is passionate about empowering children, educators and parents to nurture healthy habits to bring calm moments into their own life and deepen a connection to nature from within. Pamila is a qualified teacher in Yoga, Yoga for Children, Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Qigong. She also loves the art of shinrin-yoku (forest-bathing).

Neelam discovered yoga nearly twenty years ago and continually reflects on the impact yoga, mindfulness & qigong have had in her life to equip her with tools that care for her physical and mental wellbeing. Neelam's joy for mindful movement through qigong inspires her vision for children's wellbeing. Neelam is passionate about how we can benefit from the healing power of nature . She believes that all children all of over the world can deepen their inner-connection with simple practices that can be integrated into everyday.  Neelam is a Psychologist and qualified Yoga for Children teacher.


We weave the practice of dana through our work; we share with a focus on community and an intention to positively impact children globally. When we generate income, a portion goes to projects benefiting our communities and the planet. Dana is the Sanskrit and Pali virtue of generosity, meaning to give with pure intention and transcends to qualities such as time, kindness or patience.

Dana -Cultivating Generosity

Our Shoots

Gratitude to our teachers

Gratitude to our teachers that have watered our seeds, nourished our practices and transformed our lives. Sending infinite gratitude and blessings.

"The very seeds that you plant and the very seeds you water are what will create the future." 
Jack Kornfield

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