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Mindfulness starts now. It’s only a breath away

With just one breath you have the power to transform your world. Empowering your eyes to see what you could not see before. Awakening your ears to the sounds that had not quite processed until now. Enlivening every sense to experience life while you are alive. It is all just one breath away, and you can take that breath right now. Yes really…now…right this very moment! Close your eyes and inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds, hold for a moment and then exhale through your open mouth…haaaaaahhhhh.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing (although make sure you and those around you are safe before closing your eyes). Taking that breath is your path to mindfulness of the present moment. Becoming aware of what is actually going on, whether it be the ‘beautiful’ sound of the raindrops on your patio or the ‘annoying’ rumble of yet another aeroplane roaring by. Mindfulness is not about waiting for the perfect conditions and then appreciating them, it is about soaking up life exactly as it is. And if you missed the moment, don’t worry, you have another chance right now…Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 and release exhale 4, 3, 2, 1.

Waking up to the world around us we can feel like we have been sleep walking our way through the day. Did you actually brush your teeth, do you remember doing the washing up? Ok so arguably it’s no big deal not remembering the mundane tasks we do on autopilot, our brain was busy making the meal plan anyway; doubling up resources to save time to ‘enjoy’ later. But do you remember what your tea tasted like? Did you feel how soft your little ones hand felt when you held it earlier? When you start to miss out on the good stuff it doesn’t make sense to carry on ‘mindless’…it’s time to stop and become ‘mindful’…full of the present moment.

Our brain is so good at its job; racing with thoughts about what we can learn from the past and planning ahead for the future whilst neatly assimilating rapid real-time input and directing our behaviours according to well learned rules (all this while scoffing a sandwich and scrolling through emails no doubt). Teaching your brain to recognise that a mindful breath will help rather than hinder is an important step towards experiencing life rather than passing through it wondering where the time went.

Mindfulness really can start right now, if you choose. And when we forget, like we always do, it will be there for you still. Mindfulness is always only a breath away.


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